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18th October 2012

One Last Plea To Ron Paul Supporters...

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15th June 2011

FREEDOM isn't Free...

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15th June 2011

Tea Party Members And "ALL" Patriots Must Start A 2012 Winning Strategy Now...

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20th May 2011

When will Obama crack in public? This article is well-worth the time to read and I applaud Mr. Massie's blunt, truthful comments.

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31st March 2011

View Author Symposium - Held at Liberty University's DeMoss Center at 7pm. Featuring Dr. Ed Hindson, Dr. Harold Wilmington & Dr. Frank Landrey.

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America's 1st Dictator

Has it crossed your mind that America is heading toward its first Dictator?
If 'Yes' have you recently thought more about a coming Dictator?
If 'Yes' what non-violent actions do you suggest we take to stop this from happening?
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